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instagram posts all come loaded with the regular batch of hashtags meant to promote common interests amongst the instagram user base. But down the bottom of each post is a small group of hashtags that can help you get around the daily posts more easily.

these Hashtags act as content filters for the channel and they can help you group posts by topic. For example, if you are more into deep House tracks, scroll down the bottom of any deep house post and you will find a select group of hashtag filters preceded by the 2 little lightning icons ⚡️⚡️

The Garage House hashtag looks like this:


Clicking on this tag show all posts that are associated with the deep house style.
There are Hashtag Filters for every style that we post as well as years records were released in:


hashtags work better on devices than on computers. that is because of the way Instagram works, not our hastags or your hardware.