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Pimpin' a Rekkid

This is how i go about making my stencil record art:

First I have to find a record to pimp.  So I walk on down to my local record dealer and pick up some dusty and sorry looking records from the bargain record bin. These records have been sitting there unnoticed for months on end and will probably still be there next time i drop by.

Once i have picked the lucky contenders for a makeover, I draft a design layout digitally on my computer. Then the artwork then gets cleaned up and prepped to be snipped out on large A3 panels of cardboard paper. Usually a number of layers are required to transfer these complex designs to the record.

Next the stencil sheets are placed over the 12 inch records on a custom built spinning calibration rig. This allows me to align each stencils to the previous layers of paint. I have 2 of these rigs side by side so i can knock out 2 or more pieces of art at the same time from the same stencils, occasionally using different colours from the same design. Finally, i apply a transparent matt layer of protective lacquer to the pieces to give them a little extra resistance to ware and tear.

Check them out here and pick one for your wall.

How to Hang a Record

A stencil record is easy to hang on the wall from the hole in its centre. I recommend using a dark coloured nail as it will contrast less with the artwork painted on the record. Angle the nail slightly upwards, this will drop the record flusher with the wall behind. That’s it!

Do not fix these records doors as they are light and will end up on the floor. Do not hang them near any heat source (radiators, chimney hearth). Vinyl is resilient, but too much heat will cause them to warp. If you need to remove dust from the record, simply use a soft dry cloth. Do not use cleaning products !!!